Unique fashion
with no limits

BONDY is a fashion label that demonstrates that fashion can be beautiful, colorful, artistic, and fair.
“becoming that girl” and online ego presentation: we appear to be socially evolved, while the world around us is burning.

is a call to action to work united, as it mirrors the direct outcome if we become too caught up in our pursuit of individual perfection.

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Remember your old grungy band merch T-shirt with a scribbled logo that nobody could read? Our NADYA hoops, designed in collaboration with 3D visual artist 11v151131_m06, will bring back those sweet memories.

  • color: silver steel
  • material Hoop: stainless steel
  • snap hook in the back
  • hoop size: 60mm (diameter)

They are the perfect accessory to spice up your outfit and literally go with everything.


Please enjoy the unusual darkness of our new collection



We explore and create fantasy worlds at the intersection of art and fashion through interdisciplinary platforms and collaborations.


We break down the established division of Haute Couture and ready- to- wear fashion by offering a variety of items in different segments. We want to be accessible and democratise fashion by extending our brand to the digital world.


We encourage conscious consumption and education, work to counteract the destructive aspects of the fashion industry, and strive towards a more sustainable future with a focus on female empowerment.


BONDY is part of the new wave of designers who reject the destructive aspects of the fashion industry. Therefore, we made it our mission to produce ethically and sustainably.

We source the majority of our fabrics from second hand outlets, re-work deadstock, and vintage textiles. BONDY produces mainly made-to order / limited quantity items to meet demand, creating as little waste as possible. All of our pieces are high quality, and handmade in our studio in Berlin or produced locally under fair conditions, ensuring our consumer a long life for their garments.


By buying a unique piece of BONDY you are supporting traditional, couture like craftmanship and are fighting fast fashion - how cool is that?