KAYLEE necklace green
KAYLEE necklace green
KAYLEE necklace green

KAYLEE necklace green

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Our KAYLEE necklace is a really special one to treasure. She comes in 8 different colors, all part of a very limited edition, meaning: each necklace only exists once.  The necklace is made of vintage glass beads that our designer Judith kept from her childhood in the 90s. You will find Venetian millefiori beads and flowers, little mushrooms, freshwater pearls and special treasures like the Egyptian sacred scarab.  The look is playful and young at heart. This is your one-time chance! Go, get yours fast - they will be out quickly.

  • colors: yellow, red, pink, green, green mix, light blue, blue, dark blue
  • material: vintage glass beads, freshwater pearls, ceramic, stainless steel
  • Size: 37- 40cm (adjustable)

Kaylee can be worn as a single necklace, but also looks great in combination with multiple silver and/ or gold necklaces. She stands out but is not too wild. The perfect gift for a special person.

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We use as many deadstock fabrics as possible and recently introduced a line using only recycled garments.

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