A fine silver necklace with a spike pendant
A fine silver necklace with a spike pendant

CHELSEY necklace

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Logomania is obsolete, so they say. But we don’t care. We love CHELSEY: a fine silver necklace with a spike pendant and our logo.

  • color: silver
  • materials: 925 silver, coated brass, stainless steel

Chelsey is a real winner: goes with everything and has some nice weight to it.

SIZE: 0,46cm

100% made in Berlin

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We design and produce all our pieces in Berlin, Germany.

Each product is high quality and long lasting.

We guarantee to repair or replace each items with faults.

☞ Responsibility

We are focussing on minimal waste by dispensing prototypes if we can and are using patterns that produce almost zero off cuts.

The majority of our pieces are custom made to avoid stock.

We use as many deadstock fabrics as possible and recently introduced a line using only recycled garments.

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